Total Gas & Power

Total Gas & Power Company History Formed in 1987 under the name AGAS, Total Gas & Power entered the UK energy market as the first independent supplier. Becoming a subsidiary, fully owned by Elf Aquitaine, the name was changed in 1999 to Elf Aquitaine. What followed was two mergers, when Total joined with Petrofina, the … Read more

Supplier Fuel Mix Update 2021 – The Big 6

Fancy Mixing Up Your Fuel Supply? Suppliers use different combinations of fuels to make up the energy they supply to our homes and businesses. Combining a range of fuels (coal, gas, nuclear, renewable) in different percentages make up a supplier’s fuel mix. By law, suppliers have to disclose this information along with the environmental impact … Read more

Why Do You Have a Standing Charge?

It is likely you have seen the words ‘standing charge’ on your energy bill. You’ve also probably seen many companies talking about standing charges when researching energy contracts. This article is aimed to give you a small guide to gas standing charges. What Is A Standing Charge With Niccolo Gas? A standing charge is the … Read more

Why Business Owners Need Negotiation Skills

Over 40% of Americans say they lack confidence in their negotiation skills. A frightening stat for something so crucial in business. Negotiation skills are often overlooked, but in reality, they are part of the building blocks to any success business. What Negotiation Skills Are Needed For Business Owners? Negotiation skills are used in various ways … Read more

The Pros and Cons of Carbon Offsetting – A Quick Summary

We are seeing a huge increase in companies using carbon offsetting programs. United Airlines have invested over $16 billion and recently, Amazon, Disney and The Tokyo Olympics 2020 have all invested into carbon offsetting. What Is Carbon Offsetting? Carbon offsetting is to purchase carbon credits to compensate for any carbon emissions that have been created. … Read more

Pros and Cons of Underfloor Heating – A Quick Summary

With a sharp rise in popularity in the UK, underfloor heating is becoming more common in households across the country. But what is underfloor heating? Also, what are the pros and cons of underfloor heating? What Is Underfloor Heating? Underfloor heating is the method of warming your home through a system beneath the flooring of … Read more

Hiring Staff

Why Do Companies Hire Staff? In need of new skills and personalities. May be new opportunities requiring new staff. Growth in the business. To replace leaving employees. To fill specific new roles. What Do I Need To Consider When Hiring Staff? Can they work legally in the UK? Pension schemes. How much are you willing … Read more

A Guide To Invoicing

What Is An Invoice?  Invoices are a way to demand a payment for goods or services. After a sale has been made, invoices will be made by the seller, then sent to the consumer. It will outline the payment amount, as well as how long they have to make the payment. What Other Reasons Are … Read more

Gazprom Write Up

In 1991, following the collapse of the Soviet Union, the gas sector in Russia was transferred to new energy suppliers, including Gazprom, Ukrgazprom and Turkmengazprom. Gazprom was able to keep assets on Russian territory, monopolising the gas sector in the country. Oil and other supplies were divided between numerous companies. In more recent times, Gazprom … Read more