Electricity North West – Distributor Review

Electricity North West

Electricity North West is one of the 14 distribution network operators that serve different regions around the UK. It makes sure that around 5 million customers in the North West get their electricity. The company upgrades and maintains around 13,000km of overhead power lines and over 44,000km of underground electricity cables. In 2015, Electricity North West was recognised as the most efficient network operator in the UK.

Who is the CEO of Electricity North West?

Peter Emery is the CEO of Electricity North West. He has over 30 years of experience in the energy industry.

How to contact Electricity North West in case of a power cut?

If you’re experiencing a power cut, call 105. If you want to verify whether there is a power cut in your area check the live power cut map available on the company’s website.

What does Electricity North West do?

Electricity North West maintains power lines and distributes electricity to homes and businesses across the North West of the UK. It also handles power cuts and assists customers with setting up new connections.

What is a distribution network operator (DNO)?

To understand what Electricity North West does, it is important to understand what the role of DNOs is. A distribution network operator is a company that connects the network to customers’ properties. They deliver electricity through transformers, poles, meters and cables because if the network was directly connected to customers’ premises, the voltage would be too high.

Additional services

As a distribution network operator (DNO), Electricity North West does not supply electricity, it just distributes it. It owns and operates a system of cables and power lines that makes it possible. In addition to that, it supports customers in:

  • installing new connections
  • moving the existing connection
  • installing EV charging points and heat pumps
  • advising customers on how to lower their carbon emissions
  • helping customers with the installation of solar panels and wind turbines

Going green with Electricity North West

Electricity North West not only strives to reduce its own carbon footprint, but also helps its customers and stakeholders do it. The company worked with the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research to develop information on steps that businesses can implement to be more sustainable. Their advice includes:

Measures to reduce CO2 emissions

Sustainability measures

Reasons why some businesses might be against solar power or electric vehicles

Furthermore, Electricity North West gives recommendations for a range of businesses on how to improve their energy efficiency.

Bars and restaurants

  • using locally sourced produce
  • using electronic receipts
  • not using plastic bags and straws
  • using reusable cups
  • using recycled packaging for take away meals


  • only giving guests toiletries if they request them
  • only washing towels when it’s necessary
  • reducing food waste
  • using water-efficient taps and shower heads


  • encourage clients to walk or cycle to the gym
  • turn down heating
  • install timers in showers
  • use energy-efficient equipment

How Electricity North West promotes Innovation

The innovation strategy is a crucial part of the company’s business plan. The innovation strategy outlines the most important challenges and opportunities for the UK’s energy networks during the process of transition to net zero. Thanks to the innovation strategy the company can overcome these challenges easily and provide customers with great quality services.

Electricity North West has an entire team committed to promoting innovation and overseeing the implementation of the innovation strategy. Every three months the team publishes Innovation Updates, which feature highlights of innovation projects run by the company.

Recognition and awards

Electricity North West has won numerous awards, including:

‘Innovation of the Year – Electricity’ category at the annual Network Awards 2020.

The title was awarded to Electricity North West for its Smart Street project, which introduces innovative voltage control techniques to make networks and customers’ appliances be more energy-efficient. The project also facilitates the implementation of low carbon technologies and will help the UK achieve the carbon netural target by 2050.

‘Best Application of Technology’ award at the UK Customer Satisfaction Awards 2020.

The company won the award for its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Thanks to the integration of control room data with the customer system, the company can get a better understanding of the impact of network events on its customers.

‘Issues, Crisis and Reputation Management’ award at the CIPR Pride Awards 2019.

The award was given to Electricity North West for the work the company did during Ashton’s blackout. When the powercut occured, the company’s response was extremely efficient and innovative.