D-Energi – Supplier Profile 2021

Family owned D-Energi was established in 2002 by Manchester based brothers Shak and Zico Amed. 

D-Energi Logo

As an independent company, D-Energi comment on how they see failure in companies bringing themselves into the market to then be merged into the likes of E-ON, NPower, and all of the big six. Instead, they are driven to offer themselves as a cheaper alternative to other gas and electricity providers for business use of any kind.

No matter the size of your business, D-Energi prides itself in powering speciality sectors such as hospitality, retail, education and manufacturing. They shared a “meet the customers” video with one of their care homes as part of building an online portfolio, and explain that they created a designated rebates team for charities and other not for profit companies to claim back VAT and CLL overpayments, with all earnings being claimed back to you, so in switching, you may even be able to make money rather than simply saving it.

Over their 20 years in business, D-Energi has stayed strong within their own self-published core values in their business, which includes creating a diverse workforce and a responsible and accountable environment for both clients and staff. You can read about it here.

The company provides bulk LPG, business gas and electricity alongside a handful of other services including;

  • Maintenance and installation on your  gas or electricity meter; including removal, accuracy checks and changing or re-sitting,
  • Energise and de-energisation sites, 
  • Dedicated specialists within the company to consider environmentally friendly and solar power options,
  • Building and installing biomass systems,
  • Solar power systems,
  • Air and ground source pump solutions,
  • A fully managed service via an energy supply contract
  • Direct line contact with an informed, dedicated business account manager that can deal with you on a personal level, as someone who understands your account and its history; both on their website and in online reviews, D-Energi are promising to get you talking to a real person in 5 rings.

They offer Dual Fuel discounts alongside a variety of business tariffs direct from their website, alongside a virtual look into their client portfolio on Venmo.

Electric Prices (deemed)

TariffDay (P/Kwh)Night (P/Kwh)Evening/Weekend (P/Kwh)Standard Charge (P/Per Day)
Single Rate25.54335N/AN/A43.340535
Day/Evening Weekend29.504475N/A19.633162529.7423
Off PeakN/A20.7022725N/A35.4697875
Half Hourly25.493737518.557595N/A145.503225

Gas prices (deemed)

Unit Rate (p/Kwh)Standing Charge (P/PerDay)

With fixed price electricity and gas, you can know exactly what you are going to pay each month, which is especially important when we consider that you are able to set your payments up easily as a direct debit. This gives you the opportunity to budget more accurately and avoid any unexpected extra charges.

40% of firms have never switched energy suppliers, according to the Competition and Mergers Authority.

This means that many firms could be missing savings of around 50% on their current bills, and that is where D-Eergi come in; Considering a responsible utility supplier means committing to a company that are open to your specific business needs and in return, can deliver a bespoke deal;

 In contrast to the likes of energy and gas brought to our homes, and whilst switching will entail signing up to a fixed term plan (one that runs between one and up to five years), a fixed rate also means that you will pay a pre-agreed amount each month until your contract ends, and will not be impacted by outside rates rising or dropping throughout your contract.

Joint Owner and Managing Director Shak Amed studied Computer Systems Networking and Communications at The University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology, alongside running another company known as ATT, the Association of Accounting Technicians.

Co-founder Zico Amed is the second brother at the head of the D-Energi group, and has held this title alongside his brother for almost 20 years. Studying Computer Information Systems at the University of Derby, Zico is said to be “a real person with incredible amounts of passion, energy, and entrepreneurial flair to the company”.

Zico can also be contacted on Facebook.

D-Energi have earned a number of awards throughout the years, including the likes of an AA Hospitality Award. They are also known as a finalist at The Energy Awards and UKBA’18 Business Awards, as well as being a shortlisted contestant for Lloyds bank and NatWest’s “Newest Great British Entrepreneur” of 2017.

You can see D-Energi online on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Vimeo, or contact them at 0800 781 7626.