Dyce Energy – Supplier Review 2021

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About Dyce Energy

Dyce Energy is an energy supplier and was founded in February 2016. Previously named Prozana Ltd, Dyce Energy is a UK supplier based in South Yorkshire. They provide fixed price energy tariffs for a range of business sizes in the UK. This varies from large scale multi-site energy users to new start-up businesses.

Most companies have a set of rules and standards that they aim for and Dyce Energy follow their own core values, from the directors to the customer service team, each day these guidelines help their company to grow. These include:

  • Transparency
  • Simplicity
  • Collaboration
  • Commitment
  • Ambition
  • Creativity

What Are The Benefits of Dyce Energy?

Dyce Energy claims to offer these benefits for businesses:

  • Fixed price contracts.
  • Energy at your fingertips via Your Energy Online.
  • Switching simplicity.
  • Clear and transparent prices.
  • Dedicated UK customer support.
  • We believe in treating customers fairly.

Dyce Energy partner with some noteworthy causes. Dyce Energy has been fundraising for one of the UK’s largest breast cancer charities, Breast Cancer Now since 2019. Employees of Dyce Energy have raised awareness for breast cancer by raising funds. This included selling cakes and other activities. Dyce Energy raised over £1000 to the cause so far.

The energy supplier has also raised awareness for The Woodland Trust, one of the UK’s largest woodland conservation charities. The charity helps to protect local woods and hope to inspire others to enjoy the UK nature. Dyce Energy has donated to The Woodland Trust helping to restore the British countryside.

Where Are Dyce Energy Based?

Dyce Energy is based in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom.

Where is Dyce Energys’s Headquarters?

B3 Patrick Tobin Business Park

Bolton Road

Wath upon Dearne

S63 7LL

What Are The Reviews For Dyce Energy?

Based on Google Reviews, Dyce Energy received 4.5 stars out of 5 from 18 reviews. Some of these reports from Google Reviews includes ‘Had some early problems – responsive customer service has resolved them all, and current standards are good, with a smooth delivery and clear information, billing and communication. Recommend.’ and ‘Competitive pricing, bills easy to understand, regular emails reminding me of meter reads and monthly costs. Great service!’

However, according to Trustpilot, Dyce Energy received 2.9 stars out of 5 from only 2 reviews. This isn’t as reliable as the 18 reviews from Google.

What Are Dyce Energy’s Products and Services?

Some of Dyce Energy’s services include their industry-leading Partner Portal. The Dyce Energy Partner Portal gives their partners access to energy tariff’s, allowing them to provide quotes and create contract files. It also has contract submission features and partners can automatically send any new energy meters for registration straight to Dyce Energy.

Dyce Energy offers gas products and in June 2020, they re-introduced their variable direct debit tariff. This product has a slightly higher standing charge for customers who wanted a lower unit rate. Dyce Energy relaxed their credit policy which matched the Government’s ease of lockdown for some business types.

Gas Services

Dyce Energy claims to offer competitive business gas tariffs for businesses in the UK. This varies from new startups to established high street brands, to single or multi-site users. The energy supplier also claims to have tariffs that can be altered to meet your needs and requirements. They advertise that their pricing is simple, transparent and competitive.

Dyce Energy only uses brown gas and not renewable energy. The energy supplier offers 1-, 2- and 3-years fixed contracts and claim to have no hidden fees. Their standard variable rates and out of contract rates can be found in the table below.

Daily Standard Variable RateOut of Contract Rate
Standing Charge£2.50£3.50
Price p/kWh for all units5.956.5

Dyce Energy aims to reduce energy costs with the following benefits:

  • Save money.
  • Help the planet by reducing carbon emissions.
  • Improving customer opinions.
  • Take full control.
  • Protect your business.
  • Empower employees.

Does Dyce Energy Offer AMR?

At the moment no, however, their website states that they ‘will offer an AMR tariff soon, so keep in touch’.

Do Dyce Energy Offer Smart Meters?

Dyce Energy does not offer electricity contracts currently, so, therefore, does not offer smart meters to customers.

Does Dyce Energy Offer Renewal Prices?

Dyce Energy does offer renewal prices. Usually, Dyce Energy wouldn’t offer a renewal price until 6 months prior to your current contract end. However, Dyce Energy advises that you speak to them, opening up a possibility of a competitive fixed term tariff for your business.

What is ‘Your Energy Online’?

Dyce Energy has an online account portal called Your Energy Online. Customers can manage their energy costs via smartphone, computer or tablet.

Through Your Energy Online, Dyce Energy customers have access to their energy bills, with the possibility of submitting queries and giving meter reads for their supply sites.

Your Energy Online can be used online at www.dyce-yourenergyonline.co.uk or the app can be downloaded on your tablet or smartphone for both iOS and Android devices. Their app has a 5-star rating on the Apple Store.

Customer service01709 357315
Sales support0800 804 8589
FacebookFacebook Link
TwitterTwitter Link
LinkedInLinkedIn Link
YouTubeYouTube Link
InstagramInstagram Link
Power cut105
Gas emergency0800 111 999

Social Media

Dyce Energy is quite active on social media, posting often to LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. This is usually the same content on each platform. Their YouTube channel currently has 3 videos listed. The time frame of these videos ranges from 2 years ago to very recently.

PlatformFollowing Count
LinkedIn184 followers
YouTube4 subscribers
Twitter244 followers
Instagram3,508 followers
Facebook138 likes

As of February 2021

What Are The Dyce Energy Opening Times?

Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm.

Contact Emails

DepartmentEmail Address
General queriesenquire@dyce-energy.co.uk
Billing queriesbilling@dyce-energy.co.uk
Meter readsmeter-read@dyce-energy.co.uk
Change of tenancychangeoftenancy@dyce-energy.co.uk
Supplier agreed readssars@dyce-energy.co.uk

Do Dyce Energy Charge For Posted Bills?

Dyce Energy work in partnership with the Woodland Trust, so prefers for bills to be sent online via the Your Energy Online portal or email. The energy supplier is trying to do their part to save the planet by reducing waste and paper.

People without access to the internet or prefer their energy bills in the mail can have their bills posted. For each bill sent there is a £2 charge. 

How Do I Get A Quote From Dyce Energy?

You can get a quote online, via email or by telephone.

Dyce Energy Billing and Payments

Dyce Energy’s preferred payment method is variable Direct Debit because with a Direct Debit there is less worry if your bill is paid every month. The energy supplier will collect the payment from your selected bank account 10 days after you receive your bill.

Dyce Energy understands with the current worldwide situation some may be experiencing financial difficulties. They can discuss a short-term payment plans.

How Are My Dyce Energy Gas Bills Calculated?

1. Dyce Energy use your previous meter readings, subtracting them from your current read thus giving the units used. If you are unable to provide a meter read, they estimate your reading.

 2. Next, they multiply the number of units by 2.83 to get the m3 (this is not required for Metric Meters).

 3. Then, this figure is multiplied by the current Volume Correction Factor and the monthly average Calorific Value (these are displayed on your current bill).

 4. This figure is divided by 3.6 to give the number of kWh you have used.

 5. Your kWh used is multiplied by the price per kWh shown in this bill to calculate your gas charge.

 6. Finally, the number of days within the billing period is multiplied by your standing charge, giving your standing charge cost.

Your bill is your gas charge + standing charge + CCL + VAT (if applicable).

When Will My Dyce Contract Go Live?

It takes at least 14 calendar days to transfer your gas supply from your current supplier. This however varies and some cases may take longer.

What Is The Dyce Energy Notice Period?

Customers are required to give Dyce Energy 30 days’ notice before the end of their contract. The contract end date can be found on a copy of your bill.

When Can Dyce Energy Contracts Be Terminated?

At any time, you can terminate your contract, however, you are not allowed to end your fixed-term contract until your contract end date. For customers on a standard variable tariff, Dyce Energy requires 30 days’ notice.

Dyce Energy In Recent News

Due to the worldwide pandemic, there was a three-month freeze on the hospitality sector. Dyce Energy announced they would allow clubs, restaurants, pubs and hotels to be re-quoted again. They also updated their credit policy for new customers.

In January 2020 Dyce Energy launched their business gas tariffs on the UD Groups B2B energy hub. UD Groups B2B energy hub gives TPI’s various tools that provide live and cost-effective access to the utility market. The hub is a cloud-based system that compares prices from all over the industry, generating quotes, producing energy contracts and managing the entire sales journey.

How Does Dyce Energy Make Sure Their Partners Are Suitable?

Dyce Energy is careful and meticulous when selecting new partners. Potential partners must undergo their vetting process and obtain a legally binding agreement containing strict rules they must abide by when offering Dyce Energy tariffs.

Dyce Energy advises they maintain frequent contact with their Partners. This includes regular dialogue for contracts submitted to Dyce Energy and the status of any complaints that they may have received.

What is Dyce Energy’s NAICS code?

Dyce Energy’s NAICS is: 22,221

What is Dyce Energy’s SIC code?

Dyce Energy’s SIC: 49,491