Gazprom – Contract Renewal’s Guide 2021

About Gazprom
Gazprom Company History

In 1991, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the gas sector in Russia was transferred to new energy suppliers, including Gazprom, Ukrgazprom and Turkmengazprom. Gazprom was able to keep assets on Russian territory, monopolising the gas sector in the country. Oil and other supplies were divided between numerous companies.

3 years later, Gazprom became privatised and held their first general shareholder’s meeting in 1995. This led to the creation of their new headquarters, based in Moscow on Nametkina Street.

In 2006, Gazprom Energy was established with its retail business outside Russia when Gazprom Marketing & Trading (GM&T) acquired a UK gas provider based in the north-west of England.

Gazprom Today

Gazprom is responsible for 12% of the world gas output and also account for 68% of domestic gas production. They are also the largest natural gas exporter to Europe, being a key supplier for over 50 years in the industry.

Gazprom’s UK headquarters are based in Manchester, and they have more than 350 employees across the UK, Netherlands and France.

Who Owns Gazprom?

The Russian Government has control of more than 50 per cent of Gazprom shares.

Why Should I Switch To Gazprom?

There are plenty of benefits to switching your business electricity to Gazprom Energy, these include:

  • UK-based customer service team.
  • Eligible customers get free AMR/smart meters.
  • Award-winning team with more than 15 years’ experience.
  • One of the biggest gas companies in the world.
  • Online customer portal.

How Do I Switch To Gazprom?

Follow these 5 simple steps to switch to Gazprom:

1Reach out to Gazprom via the contact methods listed in this article. Getting a quote can take less than 60 seconds.
2Next, once you’ve accepted the quote, you’ll be sent a registration form to fill in. Return the form and the transfer to Gazprom will begin.
3Now you need to speak to your current supplier, letting them know of your intention to terminate your contract. It is recommended to do this early to avoid delays.
4You’ll then receive a welcome pack from Gazprom with information about your plan, such as account number and contact details.
5Finally, the last step is to send Gazprom a meter reading. This is to make sure there are no issues with your invoice or bills. This can be done over the phone.

What Are Gazprom’s Tariffs?

Shield – Fixed gas and electricity contracts:

This plan is targeted at SME’s, protecting against market fluctuations in prices. The shield contract can be from 1-3.5 years for gas and up to 5 years for electricity. Shield is a fixed plan, so the energy costs will remain the same for the duration of your contract.

True – Pass-through gas and electricity contracts:

True is for larger companies and a variable tariff. This rate will fluctuate over time with market price changes. You can benefit from decreases in energy costs, however, this can also increase. Keeping a watch of the market is key for this plan. Gas contracts are from 1-5 years and 1-3.5 years for electricity.

Larger Enterprise Energy With Gazprom

Companies that consume over 1million KWH of gas and 10million kWh of electricity per annum are recommended to work with Gazprom. This contract gives you the advantage of changes in the wholesale energy market as you can choose when you purchase your energy.

How Do I Submit Meter Readings to Gazprom?

There are a few ways to submit your business meter readings to Gazprom, including:

How Do I Get My Gazprom Business Bills?

Log into My Gazprom Energy, from there you can view and download your bills.

What Methods Can I Use To Pay My Gazprom Bill?

  • Direct Debit
  • By post with a cheque
  • Credit or debit card payment (3% charge)

What Other Services Do Gazprom Offer?

  • Smart meters
  • Automated meter reading devices
  • Carbon trading
  • Carbon offsetting

How Green Is Gazprom?

Gazprom has recently become a lot more environmentally friendly. They were the first energy provider in Russia to have an environmental policy, all the way back in 1995.

Gazprom has high targets for a sustainable future and the Russian company claim to have the lowest carbon footprint out of the major gas and oil companies. Below is their current environmental impact:

Environmental Impact
CO2 emissions282.63 g/kWh204.83 g/kWh
Radioactive Waste0.00043 g/kWh0.00116 g/kWh

What Is Gazprom’s Fuel Mix?

Gazprom and other energy suppliers are required to provide fuel mixes as part of The Electricity Regulations Act of 2005. This is to advise customers with the details of the company’s fuel mixes, showing their effect on the environment, giving you a better outlook on a company’s green output.

Below is the Gazprom fuel mix, including the average UK percentage for comparison with other energy suppliers.

Electricity Supplied
 has been sourced
 from the following fuels
% of total
Electricity supplied
 by Gazprom Energy
Average for UK
 (for comparison)
Natural Gas54%39%

What Awards Has Gazprom Recently Won?

For their UK department, Gazprom was awarded the Frontline Team of the Year Award. This was part of the North West Contact Centre Awards based in Manchester.

Also, in 2019, Gazprom was named as the Best Public Non-Financial Report of an Oil and Gas Company in a ceremony held by the Russian Ministry of Energy. Other awards include Supplier of the Year at the Energy Awards 2015.

Does Gazprom Have Good Reviews?

According to Trustpilot, based on just under 500 reviews, Gazprom is given a ‘Great’ review with an average of 3.9 stars out of 5. 57% of customers rated Gazprom as ‘Excellent’, the highest rating available on the website.

Some of the latest reviews included ‘Very friendly and helpful call centre’ and ‘Quick and efficient team’.

Do Gazprom Have Auto-Rollover Contracts?

After your contract ends, Gazprom will place you on a fixed-term plan for the next year. Avoid this by advising Gazprom 30 days before the end of your contract, to negotiate a new deal.

What Can I Do If I Forget My Gazprom Energy Login?

Simply click ‘forgotten password’ on the My Gazprom Energy login screen. You’ll then be asked to enter the email address registered to your My Gazprom Energy account. Then, an email to this address will give you instructions on resetting your password.

Gazprom In Recent News

As of 2021, Gazprom has claimed their European gas sales reached their highest ever levels for January. This number reached 19.4bcm, eclipsing the Russian giant’s previous figures.

This is partly due to the gas demand in Europe increasing with colder weather seen across the continent. Based on figures from last year, Gazprom announced their sales to further regions (Europe and Turkey, excluding former Soviet Union countries) were over 45% higher than last year.

Gazprom also recently extended their partnership with Hungary in the gas market. Hungary imported over 8.5bn cubic metres of gas in 2020, the second-largest amount of gas imported over the last 12 years.

Also, in 2021, Gazprom announced a new route to Serbia for gas supply. This route also includes Bosnia and Herzegovina, stretching across both Turkey and Bulgaria. This is all part of the Turk Stream gas pipeline.

What Sports Do Gazprom Sponsor?

Gazprom has recently become one of the most popular global sponsors in sports. They have strong ties to football, especially club FC Zenit Saint Petersburg. They sponsor both FC Zenit Saint Petersburg and their basketball and volleyball teams.

Gazprom also sponsors VC Zenit-Kazan and Gazprom-Ugra Surgut who are clubs in the Russian Volleyball Super League. In 2002-2003, Gazprom entered the F1 market as sponsors for the now removed Minardi F1 team.

Russian professional cycling team Team Katusha became sponsored by Gazprom and Itera in 2010. As well as Team Katusha, there is Gazprom-Rusvelo, a cycling organisation aimed at promoting cycling in Russia and worldwide, helping young and professional cyclists on their journey to becoming elite riders.

Gazprom sponsor other sporting teams and events too, such as the motorsports race the Silk Way Rally, sailing team St. Petersburg Yacht Club, the annual Balloon Meet which hosts the Russian Hot Air Balloon Championship and gymnastics event the Female Champions Cup.

What Football Teams Do Gazprom Sponsor?

Gazprom is seen all over the sports world, mainly in football. They have owned and sponsored Russian giants Zenit Saint Petersburg since 2007, then three years later announced a partnership with FC Schalke 04 their sponsorship of German club FC Schalke 04. In 2007, Gazprom announced a partnership with FC Schalke 04.

Red Star Belgrade (FC Crvena Zvezda) were next in Gazprom’s European dominance of football clubs. Then, Gazprom became the sponsor of the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Super Cup.

Gazprom has also sponsored both Chelsea FC and the FIFA World Cup, including the Russian World Cup 2018.

FC Zenit Saint PteresburgRussia
Cheslea FCEngland
FC Crvena ZvezdaSerbia
FC Schalke 04Germany
UEFA Champions LeagueEurope

Do Gazprom Have An App?

Unfortunately, Gazprom does not have an app for customers. However, there is a tool called InSight for customers with flexible contracts, which helps with energy management. You will receive live energy information 24/7, including marketing intelligence.

Where Is the Gazprom UK Head Office?

8 First St, Manchester M15 4RP

Websites, Social Media and Contact Information

Main Website



Gazprom Export




Customer service0161 837
Site services team (meters and connections)0161 837
Moving premises0161 837
General enquiries0333 443 2569 0161 814
Gazprom Energy Complaints0161 837
Media enquiries0161 837 3370

Gas emergencies0800 111 999

Electrical emergencies and power cuts105