Haven Power – Supplier Review 2021

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About the company

Haven Power is an electricity supplier that delivers 100% renewable energy to business customers around the UK. It is owned by Drax Group, which acquired Haven Power in 2009. Haven Power is a direct subsidiary of Drax Power Limited (DPL). The company is located in Ipswich, England. Haven Power works with charities and organises fundraising events to support local communities. Last year, it managed to raise over £30,000 for various organisations. Haven Power’s customers can count on support from energy experts, contracts tailored for their business’s needs, and help and advice from its customer service team.

Haven’s power offer

The supplier offers two types of energy plans: fixed and flex ones. An overview of the advantages of each one can be found in the table below.

type of energy planbenefits
Fixedset prices low risksimple plansperfect for businesses with low energy consumption
Flexwholesale energycost controlcustomised plansgood for businesses that have high energy consumption

Haven Power’s customers can also request smart meters to be installed at their premises. Thanks to smart meters customers do not have to take meter readings themselves as all information is automatically sent to the supplier.

To request a smart meter call 01473 372430, or email smart@havenpower.com

Is Haven Power green?

Haven Power gives customers the chance to get 100% renewable electricity, sourced from Drax Power Station, which is referred to as ‘the largest, cleanest and most efficient coal-fired power station in the UK’.

Drax Power Station that Haven Power gets electricity from is known as the largest, cleanest and most efficient coal-fired power station in the UK’. Emissions from the plant are regulated to make sure it doesn’t cause harm to the environment.

The company’s Fuel mix for last year is as follows:

FuelOverallRenewable Products
Natural Gas0%0%
Other Fuels0%0%

The supplier generates electricity from multiple renewable sources:

  • Photovoltaic – 11.7%
  • Wind – 32.7%
  • Bioenergy – 47.8%
  • Hydropower – 7.8%

How to switch to Haven Power?

More than 19,000 UK businesses have already chosen Haven Power’s electricity supply and services. If you want to join them as well, all you need to do is follow 3 simple steps.

  1. Get in touch – you should give Haven Power a call or send them an email and explain what your business’s goals and energy requirements are. The team will take this information into consideration when preparing an energy contract for you.
  2. Analyse the quote – you will receive a personalised quote that will be created based on the individual needs of your business. When the supplier shows it to you, you should review it and see if if you’re satisfied with it.
  3. Finalise the switch – if you are happy with the contract and all the terms and conditions, the supplier will complete the switch.

Service during COVID-19 pandemic

Haven Power cares about the safety and wellbeing of its customers. That’s why the supplier put new measures in place to make sure the clients get the best service possible without compromising their health. The changes in the way the company works include:

The customer service team is home-based

You can find the contact details of your account manager on your latest energy bill. If you have any queries regarding your energy bills you can give them a call.

Alternatively, you can send Haven Power an email at: contact.us@havenpower.com  

As the team is working from home and they receive many calls and emails, they might take longer than usual to reply.

Smart meter installations and metering works are carried out with the highest safety standards

If your appointment needs to be postponed, Haven Power will contact you to arrange a new date in the future when the government advice allows that.

All visits are carried out respecting social distancing rules.

Customers who struggle with paying their bills can hope for support

Haven Power recognises that some businesses have been negatively affected by the pandemic and might have difficulties paying their bills. If you find yourself in such a situation, you can contact the company’s team and they will explain to you what help you can get from the Government.

Reasons to switch to Haven Power

Haven Power is a unique supplier that is a great option for those who care about the environment. The main reasons to pick their services are:

  1. Renewable power – the power supplied by Haven Power is responsibly sourced and sustainable. It produces around 80% less carbon than electricity produces using coal. Thanks to Haven Power your business can transition to a more environmentally responsible future.
  2. New connections – if you need to get electricity to your business quickly, you can fill in the application form found online and Haven Power will set everything up within 5 weeks.
  3. Smart meters – Haven Power gives its customers the chance to get smart meters that allow them to never overpay for electricity again. The supplier will explain each step of the installation process and it follows the Smart Metering Installation Code of Practice (SMICoP).

Common Questions

Where is Haven Power’s headquarters?

Haven Power’s headquarters is located in Ipswich, England. The full address is: 32 The Havens, Ransomes Industrial Estate, Ipswich IP3 9SJ.

Is Haven Power owned by Drax Group?

Yes, Drax Group acquired Haven Power in 2009. Haven Power is a direct subsidiary of Drax Power Limited (DPL).

Where does Haven Power source it’s electricity?

Haven Power sources electricity from Drax Power Station located in Selby, North Yorkshire. The station provides between 7 – 8% of the UK’s electricity, and it uses compressed wood pellets, which are a type of biomass.