Northern PowerGrid – Distributor Review

About Northern PowerGrid 

Northern PowerGrid supply electricity across the North East, Northern Lincolnshire and Yorkshire. They ensure the electricity you buy from your energy supplier arrives safely, with enough power to supply your home or business. They are one of 14 distribution network operators in the UK and as of 2021, they have over 2,500 employees.  

Northern PowerGrid offers complete emergency maintenance for any power cuts, 24/7, 365 days a year. 

Northern PowerGrid Quick Statistics 

  • 8 million customers. 
  • 2,596 employees. 
  • 64,355 substations. 
  • 3.9 million businesses and homes powered. 
  • Operating in 6 regions.
  • The network spans 9,650 square miles. 
  • 96,814km of cables. 

Northern PowerGrid Reviews 

Unfortunately, there aren’t many reviews available online for Northern PowerGrid. On Trustpilot, there was one review that gave Northern PowerGrid 5 stars out of 5. However, this sole review can’t be relied upon due to the lack of other opinions.  

The review said: ‘We dealt with a gentleman named STUART OSBOURNE and what excellent customer service we received. The communications we had with Stuart face to face, over the telephone and email could not be faulted. He was on hand for every step of our new electric connection. What a fantastic employee of Northern Powergrid.’ 

Northern PowerGrid Benefits 

  • Over 500 days accident-free. 
  • £1m+ invested in the network each day. 
  • 44% business carbon footprint reduction. 
  • 99.85% guaranteed standard success rate for quotations issued to our medium and large connections customers.
  • 129,245 vulnerable customers were directly supported in 2019-20. 
  • 89% customer satisfaction, ranked 4th out of 6 DNO’s. 
  • 65 mental health first aiders trained and over 200 managers have received awareness training. 
  • Only 1 failure in the past year out of 1,145 quotes issued.  
  • 186 flood defences have been installed. 
  • 28% reduction in the number of unplanned power cuts. 
  • 389,000 customers’ power has been restored within 3 minutes of a power cut.  
  • 84.7% of customer complaints are resolved within 1 day of the complaint being received. 
  • Over 2 million outbound communications in the year.  

Who is the President of Northern PowerGrid?

Phil Jones became president of Northern PowerGrid in 2006.

Northern PowerGrid Awards 

Some of the awards that Northern PowerGrid have won include: 

Event Award Result 
Top Companies for Customer Service 2020 Best in the Service Providers Sector Winner 
Top Companies for Customer Service 2020 Best Medium Sized Contact Centre Winner 
Top Companies for Customer Service 2020 Best Customer Service Agent Winner 
Network Awards 2019 Partnership Initiative Of The Year Winner 
Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents 2016  Gold Medal Yorkshire & Northeast Winner 
North of England Excellence Awards 2015 Digital Excellence Winner 
Pride Awards 2015 Internal Communications Campaign Winner 
Pride Awards 2015 Community Relations Campaign Winner 
Utility Week Awards 2015 Marketing Initiative of the Year Finalist 
NE Business Awards 2015 Digital & Social Media Finalist 
CorpComms Digi Awards 2015 Best Consumer Website Highly Commended 

Where is Northern PowerGrid Based In The UK?  

Northern PowerGrid has offices across the UK, but their head office is based in Newcastle, England. The address is:  

Lloyds Court,  
78 Grey Street,  
Newcastle upon Tyne  
NE1 6AF  

Are Northern PowerGrid A Green Company?  

Some statistics for Northern PowerGrid’s green effort include: 

  • 37% reduction in oil loss. 
  • 44% business carbon footprint reduction. 
  • 68.7km removed from areas of outstanding natural beauty. 

Northern PowerGrid is aiming to meet the targets of a net-zero 2050, set by the UK government. As shown by the statistics, there has been a 44% reduction in their business carbon footprint, with a focus on increasing this number to 49% by next year. Their plans also include a target of a 47% reduction in oil loss.  

Northern PowerGrid Future Plans  

Long Term Goals 2023 Plans 
Keep customers happy with great service and standards. Power cut frequency will be reduced by over a quarter and will be 30% shorter. 
Lead the fight against climate change and decarbonisation. Connection times will be reduced by 30%. 
Provide fantastic value for money for customers. Customer satisfaction levels increased by more than 90%. 
Reliable network that holds world class safety measures. Average bills reduced by 5%. 

Some other innovations for the near future include: 

  • Drones – Drones will be deployed to carry out inspections of overhead lines, helping to improve the efficiency of the business, keeping customers powered. 
  • DS3 – Distributed Storage & Solar Study – A ground-breaking event, aiming to show customers how much money and network constraints they could save through energy storage and solar PV.  
  • Silent Power – An electric response vehicle to keep customers homes supplied with power while electricity is being restored during a power cut. Onboard is an energy storage system. 
  • ABC Flash Workwear – Investments have been made into new technology protective workwear, aiming to reduce serious injuries from electrical discharge.  
  • ACE – A new gaming app available on mobile to help communities make a change on how much electricity they use, giving out prices for savings made and energy consumption changes.  
  • Foresight – Foresight fault prediction is a revolution in the industry, leading to hundreds of thousands of identifications of pre-faults, helping to reduce permanent power problems. 

Northern PowerGrid Products and Services  

Northern PowerGrid’s main service is distributing energy. This is by taking electricity from both the National Grid’s transmission network and smaller generators that are directly connected to their network, then distributing the electricity to homes and businesses. Smaller generators include wind farms.   

They also offer connections services such as:  

  • Connections quick calculator.  
  • Moving electricity supply.  
  • Budget estimate through the AutoDesign feature.  
  • Installation of heat pumps. 
  • Installation of EV chargers.  
  • Energy storage projects.  
  • Disconnection of electric supplies.  
  • Increasing the size of the current electricity supply.  
  • Low carbon connections.  

 Extra services that Northern PowerGrid provide are: 

  • Safedig.  
  • Fixing power cuts.  
  • Shrouding.  
  • Priority services register.  

Northern PowerGrid Prices 

For commercial and industrial customers, charges may be seen on bills from your chosen supplier. Charges will be based on a daily fixed charge, reactive power charges, time of use unit charges and the amount of capacity you have reserved on their network. 

Northern PowerGrid charges make up roughly 7% of a standard dual-fuel domestic energy bill. 

Service Guaranteed Standard Average Time To Receive Quote Average Price (excl. VAT) Average Time For Connection After Payment 
Install a Heat Pump or EV Charger Single domestic premises – 5 to 15 days 5 days £120 4 weeks 
Service alterations 5 days 4 days £480 7 weeks 
1 standard connection 5 days 5 days £1,550 9 weeks 
Typical small business connection  
 25 days 
18 days £12,060 14 weeks 
1 Standard disconnection  
Typical small business disconnection  
15 days £1,900  

Northern PowerGrid Contacts, Websites and Social Media  

Emergency 24/7 Numbers  

Reporting A Power Cut –  

Phone number: 105  


North East –   

Phone number: 0800 66 88 77  

Yorkshire & N. Lincs –   

Phone number: 0800 375 675  


Connections –   

Phone number: 0800 011 3433  


Email address:  

General Enquiries –   

Phone number: 0800 011 3332  


Planned power cuts –   

Phone number: 0800 587 8865  


Media enquiries –   

Phone number: 0800 500 3175  


Complaints –   

Phone number: 0800 781 8848  


Payments –   

Phone number: 0800 028 2017  


Social Media  






Social Media Following 
Twitter 26.4k followers 
Facebook 20,950 likes 
Instagram 1,731 followers 
YouTube 424 subscribers 

How Do I Increase The Size Of My Electricity Supply With Northern PowerGrid?

For customers requiring an electricity supply of more than 20kW, a new connection will probably be needed. You will need to apply for a new three-phase connection. Use this link to apply.

Northern PowerGrid Key Financial Data  

Area 2018 Financial Year 2019 Financial Year 
Profit After Tax £223.7 million £58.5 million 
Net Assets £675.1 million £675.1 million 

How Do I Find My Northern PowerGrid MPAN? 

You’ll find the MPAN on your bill, look for a large ‘S’ and a grid of numbers. For the full MPAN, it is 21 digits long. If you can’t see the MPAN on your bill, contact your electricity supplier.