Yorkshire Gas and Power – Supplier Review

Yorkshire Gas and Power Company Overview

Yorkshire Gas and Power are an energy company based in Leeds, Yorkshire. They supply gas and electricity to UK businesses, including 100% renewable electricity. Yorkshire Gas and Power were founded in 2009 and strive to provide the best customer service to business energy customers in the UK.

With the aims of becoming part of the UK ‘big six’ energy companies, Yorkshire Gas and Power have an approach of giving a refreshing take on how customers in the energy industry should be treated. This includes updating customers on complaints with regular contact, providing an efficient resolution to all issues. 

The energy company recently signed a contract with UD Group, aiding Yorkshire Gas and Power with their innovative technology and intuitive customer relationship management platform.

Who is the CEO of Yorkshire Gas and Power?

The founder and CEO of Yorkshire Gas and Power is Rishi Raichura. The company was founded by him back in 2009 and in 2019, Rishi Raichura became the chief executive officer.

Where are Yorkshire Gas and Power Based In The UK?

Yorkshire Gas and Power’s headquarters are based in Leeds, United Kingdom. Their address is:

4305 Park Approach,
Thorpe Park,
LS15 8GB

Yorkshire Gas and Power Reviews

Based on 82 reviews on the website Trustpilot, Yorkshire Gas and Power received a score of 2.4 stars out of 5. This gave Yorkshire Gas and Power a rating of ‘poor’. 

Recent reviews are mixed, most recently they received two excellent 5-star ratings, however, the previous 12 reviews were rated as 1 star. It is always wise to read through customers reviews of the company to get your own understanding of the service they provide. Some of the reviews from Trustpilot include:

  • ‘A new level of incompetence!’
  • ‘I was also misold a contract with this company by a ‘broker’ who promised great savings.’
  • ‘This company gave my personal details to 150 other companies, breaking the law and GDPR regulations. They are now bullying and intimidating me’
  • ‘I have 2 premises next door to each other and they are charging me for the wrong property.’
  • ‘Please don’t sign up with this company they are a total con.’

A recent positive review stated:

  • ‘Highly recommend! They are very clear in their prices/charges and self-explanatory.’

On Google Reviews, Yorkshire Gas and Power received a rating of 2.8 stars out of 5 based on 52 reviews. Again, it is a similar story for the energy supplier, with the majority of customers leaving a 1-star review. Below are some examples from Google Reviews include:

  • ‘Wow. In 35 years in business I have never experienced anything like it. Keep well away…’
  • ‘Used illegal pressure selling techniques to bully my partner into switching when we moved premises.’
  • ‘ZERO STARS Signed up through a broker, rates way way above any other utility company’
  • ‘0 stars – Further issues with this company, now sending extremely threatening letters regarding none payment and charges for disconnection, yet they have not sent ANY communication, emails, letters, invoices to us for over 3 months’
  • ‘Avoid Avoid and Avoid. Disgusting company , They are Thief don not fall for them’

What Benefits Do Yorkshire Gas and Power Offer?

According to Visit York, who is a partner of Yorkshire Gas and Power, the energy supplier offers the following benefits:

  • Yorkshire Gas and Power will guarantee to beat your business energy renewal quote from your current supplier. 
  • All employees at Yorkshire Gas and Power employees are UK based. All customer contact is handled by a specialist team of account managers who are operating from an office based in Leeds.
  • Yorkshire Gas and Power aim to provide a high standard of customer service. Average customer retention rates are 93.4%, some of the highest figures in the energy industry.
  • There will be a genuine, single point of contact that handles your account enquiries.
  • Yorkshire Gas and Power offer 5-year contracts, something other energy suppliers may not offer.
  • Regularly obtained meter readings, which will ensure that your bills are measured correctly.
  • Yorkshire Gas and Power credit your energy account at the end of each year equal to the annual cost of your Visit York Membership

Yorkshire Gas and Power Fuel Mix 2019/20

Based on Yorkshire Gas and Power’s fuel mix disclosure for 2020, they are providing better renewable energy than the current UK average. The average renewable energy provided in the UK is 37.9%, but with a target of becoming net-zero by 2050, Yorkshire Gas and Power are showing signs of keeping with this goal.

Fuel TypeYorkshire Gas and PowerAverage for UK
Natural gas0.0%39.4%
Other fuelsn/a2.2%

How Can I Contact Yorkshire Gas and Power?

Yorkshire Gas and Power have a website and customer service team. The best way to contact them is through the phone numbers and email addresses listed below.

Customer Service Team:

0113 856 0056


Yorkshire Gas and Power currently only have a LinkedIn profile as their social media is lacking in comparison to other energy supplier competitors.



What Are Yorkshire Gas and Power Opening Times?

Yorkshire Gas and Power’s opening hours are between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm from Monday to Friday.

Yorkshire Gas and Power Products

Yorkshire Gas and Power offer tariffs to suit businesses of all sizes and supply requirements. Currently, Yorkshire Gas and Power have the tariffs listed below available:

  • Fixed price products: Their fixed price products range from 1, 2 or 3 year fixed price business gas and business electricity supply.
  • Flexible pass-through products: Allowing business customers to use the changes in the market to their advantage, the flexible tariff fluctuates with the market prices.
  • Multi-site contracts: For businesses with numerous business sites, Yorkshire Gas and Power can create one contract for all the premises, with competitive and flexible prices.

Yorkshire Gas and Power Out Of Contract Rates:

Yorkshire Gas and Power’s current out of contract rates, charged per supply point, are:

Type of SupplyDaily Standing ChargeUnit RateMonth Capacity Charge

Yorkshire Gas and Power Key Financial Data

Yorkshire Gas & Power’s group strategic report for March 2020, showed growth throughout the last financial year. The consumed energy volume increased by 82% for electricity, but there was a 6% decrease in gas in comparison to the previous year.

They also saw their customer portfolio almost double last year and it is expected to continue growth through 2021. Yorkshire Gas and Power’s turnover for the financial year 2020 increased 17% to £18.06m, the previous financial years turnover being £15.40m. Gross profit also increased by 17%, from £2.95m in 2019 to £3.46m in 2020.

Yorkshire Gas and Power saw their operating profit decrease from £1.01m in 2019 to £0.8m in 2020, as well, administrative expenses increased to £2.65m from the previous years £1.94m.

What is Yorkshire Gas and Power’s NAICS and SIC code?

Yorkshire Gas and Power’s NAICS: 22,221
Yorkshire Gas and Power’s SIC: 49,492

How and When Do I Submit Meter Reads To Yorkshire Gas and Power?

There are three ways to submit meter reads to Yorkshire Gas and Power, they are:

Via the website: Website

Via telephone: 0113 856 0056

Via email: contact@ygp.co.uk

At any time during the month meter readings can be submitted.

When Do I Pay My Yorkshire Gas and Power Bill?

Yorkshire Gas and Power only offer a monthly billing service at the moment. If you’d like to make quarterly and yearly payments, this option isn’t currently available, however, if you contact their customer service team, they may be able to help.