UK Power Networks – Distributor Review

About the company

UK Power Networks is a distribution network operator for electricity. It covers South East England, the East of England and London. The company owns and maintains electricity cables. The area UK Power Networks serves covers around 30000 square kilometres. UK Power Networks has around 8 million customers. Based on almost 2 thousand reviews left by its customers, the company has a 4.9 rating on Trustpilot. UK Power Networks is committed to lowering carbon emissions and having a low impact on the environment. The company has over 70 years of experience as its history dates back to 1948. Therefore, if you live in an area where UK Power Networks operates, you can be sure that your electricity is distributed by real experts.

Who owns UK Power Networks?

UK Power Networks is owned by CK Group. The Group acquired it in 2010.

Who is the CEO of UK Power Networks?

Basil Scarsella is the CEO of the company. Before he joined UK Power Networks, he served as the CEO of Northern Gas Networks.

Where are UK Power Networks’ headquarters?

The company’s headquarters can be found in London. The exact address is: 237 Southwark Bridge Road, London SE1 6NP.

How to contact UK Power Networks if I have a power cut?

You can contact UK Power Networks by calling 0800 31 63 105. You can also call the electricity helpline at 105.

What does UK Power Networks do?

UK Power Networks is one of 14 distribution network operators (DNOs) that operate in the UK. Each of them is responsible for a different region. UK Power Networks serves customers in South East England, the East of England and London. As a DNO, UK Power Networks is licensed electricity in the UK. They distribute electricity but do not supply it.

What is the difference between electricity suppliers and distributors?

Distribution Network OperatorsElectricity suppliers
responsible for the network of power lines, underground cables etcget electricity to your home or businessthere are only 14 DNOs in the UKyou cannot choose who your DNO isyou need to contact them if you have a power cutyou pay your energy bill to themthere are over 50 energy suppliers in the UKyou can choose your electricity supplier and tariffyou can switch to a different supplier if you are not satisfied

UK Power Networks’ additional services

In addition to maintaining electricity cables and lines and delivering electricity to the area where you live, UK Power Networks can assist you with the following things:

  1. Connecting a new electricity supply.
  2. Installing a temporary connection at building sites.
  3. Installing various types of charging stations for electric vehicles.
  4. Installing equipment to generate electricity from renewable sources.
  5. Moving cables and pipes if they are in the way.
  6. Upgrading your electricity supply.
  7. Disconnecting the supply when you are moving out.
  8. Covering power lines to make them safer.
  9. Trimming trees that grow too close to power lines.

How green is UK Power Networks?

UK Power Networks became the first DNO in the UK to achieve the certification for Carbon from the Carbon Trust Standard, which recognises organisations that make an effort to reduce their environmental impact.

UK Power Networks developed a Green Action Plan to outline steps it needs to undertake to  be more environmentally-friendly. According to the plan, the company aims to reduce its waste and water usage, reduce carbon emissions, as well as noise pollution, and increase the biodiversity at its sites.

The company wants to distribute more and more renewable energy to homes and businesses. It hopes that 10 years from now 8 out of 10  of its customers will be powered by renewable energy.

What to do if you have a power cut?

UK Power Networks gives customers the chance to look for any power cuts in their area using a live power cut map. Alternatively, you can also check the list of all power cuts. There, you can also type your postcode to check whether the company is aware of the problem.

If you can’t see your area on the map nor the list, it’s possible that the company doesn’t know about it yet. If that’s the case you can call UK Power Networks directly at 0800 31 63 105. You can also call the electricity helpline at 105. The lines are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

What makes UK Power Networks a great electricity distributor?

Even though you can’t choose your distribution network operator, you can be sure that if you are served by UK Power Networks you are being treated fairly. The main things that make the company a great electricity distributor are:

  • UK Power Networks are considered to be the most cost-effective Distribution Network Operator.
  • It invests in the network to meet the needs of its customers.
  • It has over 70 years of experience.
  • It is committed to protecting the environment.
  • It invests in and promotes renewable energy sources.
  • It encourages customers to switch to electric vehicles.
  • It has almost 2 thousand positive reviews on Trustpilot.

Some of the reviews left by UK Power Networks’ customers prove that the company is trustworthy:

‘Excellent real-time information and service back on quickly.’

‘Excellent communication and swift restoration of power during a recent outage. Was very impressed with the regular text updates keeping me informed of the progress of their engineers.’

‘Efficient and reliable service.’

‘Amazing customer service.’

‘Incredibly good communication about a power cut at around 5.30 am with a full explanation about what was happening and why.’