Western Power Distribution

About the company

Western Power Distribution is one of 14 electricity distribution networks that operate in the UK. In fact, Western Power Distribution is  one of the biggest DNOs in the country. It serves the area of 55,500 square kilometres across the Midlands, South West and Wales. The company distributes electricity to almost 8 million customers. If customers ever experience a power cut, the company does everything it can to solve the issue quickly and keep them updated about when power will be restored.

What does Western Power Distribution do?

Western Power Distribution is responsible for delivering electricity to homes and businesses. It does so by managing and upgrading overhead and underground power lines, as well as maintaining transformers and sub-stations within their network.

If you want to install a new connection, Western Power Distribution can help you regardless of whether your premises are a domestic property, a small business, or a big industry corporation.

One of the most important tasks of Western Power Distribution as a DNO is handling power cuts and bringing electricity back to the network.

Western Power Distribution is committed to helping its customers lower their carbon emissions. Hence, it can help you install charging stations for electric vehicles.

Who is the CEO of Western Power Distribution?

Philip Swift is the CEO of the company. He was appointed for the role in 2018.

How is Western Power Distribution regulated?

Western Power Distribution, as well as all the other DNOs, are regulated by Ofgem. This governmental body ensures that they do not abuse their monopoly on the distribution of energy in the area and that they treat all customers fairly.

Responsibilities of Distribution Network Operators

Many people wrongly believe that it is their energy supplier who they should contact in case of power cuts or other problems with their electricity supplies. That could not be more wrong. Energy suppliers purchase and sell energy, but it is thanks to DNOs that energy is delivered to homes and businesses across the UK.

DNOs are responsible for the network of power lines, underground cables and pipes. They maintain and upgrade them to make sure that you get your electricity. While when choosing an energy tariff you can choose between multiple energy suppliers, you cannot choose who your DNO is.

If you’re experiencing a power cut, you should call a DNO that serves your area, not your energy supplier.

How Western Power Distribution solves power cuts?

If Western Power Distribution is your DNO and you have a power cut, you can check their live map that features all the power cuts in the region. If your area is not listed there, it is possible that they are not yet aware of the problem. If that’s the case you can notify them by calling 0800 6783 105. Alternatively, you can call a national power cut line at 105. When you reach the company’s team, they should be able to tell you when your power will be restored.

You can also report a problem by filling in an online form.

Additionally, Western Power Distribution gives its customers the chance to use a Power Cut Reporter app. The app provides them with support and assistance and allows them to report power outages. The app can be uploaded from Google play and Apple store.

Western Power Distribution advises its customers on how to prepare for a power cut and what to do if such an event occurs.

How to prepare for a power cuthave a portable light like a torch readyget a battery-powered radio so you can listen to updates about the situationprotect electrical equipment to avoid accidents keep useful numbers at hand so you can get help in case of an emergency
What to do during a power cutcheck with the neighbours if the problem affects the whole area or just youkeep the freezer closed turn off computers and other sensitive equipmentcheck if your neighbours are okay

How Western Power Distribution invests in the network?

As a customer of Western Power Distribution, you can be sure that your DNO constantly thinks of ways to improve. The company came up with Network Strategy that helps shape its future development. The strategy outlines a few areas that the company will focus on over the next few years.

Distribution System Operator (DSO) StrategyWestern Power Distribution will transition from a Distribution Network Operator (DNO) to a Distribution System Operator (DSO).

That will ensure that the future energy demands of the company’s customers will be taken care of.
Distribution Future Energy Scenarios (DFES)The scenarios outline a range of possible futures that will allow the distribution network to grow.   For example, Net Zero South Wales Project.
Strategic Investment Options: Shaping SubtransmissionThe goal is to assess the ability of the existing network to accommodate new demand and generation connections.
Regional Development ProgrammesWestern Power Distribution analyses the complex interaction between the distribution and transmission networks, as well as between different distribution networks.
SignpostingWestern Power Distribution aims to provide customers with a greater level of information on the network’s performance.

Does Western Power Distribution operate in my area?

There are only 14 licensed distribution network operators in the UK and customers cannot pick which one delivers energy to their homes or businesses. Each DNO is responsible for a different area.