E.ON – Contract Renewal’s Supplier Guide 2021

Founded in 2000’ in Dusseldorf, Germany, E.ON is one of the largest investor owned utility companies in the world, and proud member of ‘the big 6’ leading energy and gas suppliers alongside the likes of or British Gas and NPower, the latter of which is now owned by the company.

As of November 2020, E.ON claims 100% renewable electricity, and is working hard on making changes to their gas supply, too. Despite holding base in Essen, the acclaimed brand now operates in over 30 countries around the world from the UK, US, Europe, Oceania continent, Croatia, Czech Republic, Italy, and more.

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E.ON have been awarded a number of titles throughout the year, including;

  • uSwitch Easiest to Switch Award, where they were labelled the Best Large Supplier in 2019
  • uSwitch Best Green Service award – Large Supplier 2020
  • uSwitch Best Value for Money award – Large Supplier 2020
  • Inclusive Top 50 UK Employers three years in a row in 2017, 2018, 2019

E.ON’s regulated asset base (RAB) is held by Sweden at 3.8% (up to €3.8bn) Germany at 21.9% (making up to €21.9bn), CEE & Turkey at 7.6% (coming to €7.6bn), with most countries receiving at least 50% power and gas, in contrast to just power services alone.

E.ON’s Capital Markets Overviews claims their own customer support solutions to have reached 6x top three and 4x top one stats in leading marketing positions, and boasts “Strong operational performance in Q3 2020”, with key financials (1) listing;

✓ 2020 EBIT guidance of €3.6 – 3.8bn confirmed

✓ Current selective lockdown measures in E.ON countries

without significant impact on E.ON FY 2020

✓ Mid-term targets and dividend guidance confirmed

✓ Integration of innogy and synergy delivery fully on track”

Over €60bn of potential EU funding for E.ON is already being considered for climate projects, with 200 already identified to cover;

Efficient and decarbonised district heating and cooling systems

Energy efficiency in the industry sector and for SMEs

Renovation of private and public buildings (schools and hospitals being a main focus)

Smart Grids

Storage infrastructure

Infrastructure for renewable energy

Renewable hydrogen

Smart and sustainable mobility

How to find what’s right for you…

Fixed Tariff

Although you may not be able to take advantage of any drops in the market over the course of your contract, you will be able to rest easy by choosing a contract for your energy rates through a fixed tariff. A Fixed Tarriff means that you will be able to confirm the gas and electricity rates for your business on opening your account, with the comfort of knowing that they will not change through the duration of your contract.

Let’s take some of E.ON’s own, fixed tariffs here;

  1. Fix Online v35 is a 12 month Direct Debit with one fixed monthly payment. This includes free smart meter instillation and a £60 early exit fee, made up of £30 for your electricity and another £30 for gas.

This option is also given a discount on setting up monthly Direct Debit payments.

  1. Fix Boiler Cover v8 is another 12 month tariff. Again, this specific option is payed through one fixed monthly Direct Debit and offers a discount for doing so, so you will always know your billing rates. Here, although you must agree to have a smart meter installed, this is not necessarily free. Alternatively, you can opt into taking out boiler cover. 
  1. Fix 2 Year v4 is a two year tariff at exactly 24-months. This tariff requires agreement to have smart meters installed, but again does not state it will be free. Still, this option is given a Direct Debit discount and no early exit fee.
  1. Fix and Drive v7 is a 24-month tariff with a Direct Debit Discount. In order to start, you must agree to have smart meters installed if you do not have them already, and comes with a 850 EV miles reward for those owning an Electric Vehicle. The fixed monthly direct debit contains a £60 exit fee made up of £30 electricity and £30 gas payments.

Alternatively, if you are still looking to keep track of exactly what you use, and maybe play the market as prices drop, you can select a Pay As You Go Tarif.

With E.ON, Pay-As-You-Go is used by making an advanced payment that allows you to top up your gas and electricity meters by using the E.ON app, their website, or via Post Office Vouchers, in the same way we used to top up our phones. Contact E.ON for more information on how to pay.

Some of E.ON’s Pay-As-You-Go offers include;

1. EnergyPlan with Smart Pay As You Go – This is a contract with no specific end date, which means there is no unexpected exit fee when your situation changes. Unlike a usual set tariff, prices are not fixed and may rise and fall through the year.

2. Prepayment Tariff

As the name suggests, this tariff allows you to pay for your energy in advance in order for you to keep full track of your spending your consumption. You are able to top up when required, but this also offers you the option to set yourself electricity and gas limits if you are on a budget.

3. E.ON EnergyPlan with Prepayment – As explained above, this is another prepayment plan that allows you to pay before you use. No contract end date once again means you will not be charged an exit fee, but means that fixed prices throughout the year are not available, and are expected to fluctuate.

Variable Tariffs; Often linked to wholesale prices, a variable tariff expects prices to shift throughout the months, but E.ON’s variable tariffs were brought to life specifically with the intention of allowing you to take full advantage of any rises or falls in market prices;

  1. E.ON EnergyPlan – E.ON’s EnergyPlan is another option that comes with a Direct Debit Discount, so you should be able to save money whether or not the market fluctuates. The EnergyPlan has no exit fee.
  1. E.ON EnergyPlan Assist is yet another option with no contract end date, and therefore no early exit fee. Although the prices are not fixed, EnergyPlan Assist requires a credit meter, which makes for keeping better track of your spending throughout the months. Find out if you are eligible for a credit meter installation here.

To simplify…

 Contracted datesFixed price, no ups or downsEarly exit fee
Fixed TariffYesYesYes
Variable TariffNoNoNo

Switching to E.ON?

Tell us what you need, and what type of tariff would feel most fitting for you – If you are looking for a Pay-As-You go offer with no exit fee, or a Variable tariff without an end date, we can find a way to do this for you by connecting you to a personal advisor who will talk you through the process with as little as your postcode.