What’s a meter serial number

A meter serial number (MSN) is a combination of numbers and letters that is unique to your specific gas or electricity meter. Meter serial numbers should not be confused with MPRN, MPAN, or supply point numbers. These numbers can potentially be confusing, but by sticking to this article you shouldn’t encounter any nasty surprises.

Meter serial numbers are intended to be completely unique – although duplicate numbers do exist. The format of the serial number has changed a little over the years, but most will now follow the form:


The A’s in the sequence above show the location of letters, and the # show the location of numbers. An example meter serial number would more accurately be shown as:


But what do the numbers and letters mean? Although it is not expected of you to know what they mean, this guide is going to cover it anyway. Because why not.

The first letter of your serial number will indicate the manufacturer of the meter (shown in our table below). The first two digits will show the year the meter was certified and calibrated (important to know). The second letter (or often pair of letters) show the company that purchased the meter from manufacturer. Finally, the five/six-digit sequence is the serial batch number. It is important to note that there may be spaces separating groups of numbers or letters, so don’t panic if yours doesn’t look the same as others!

A,B,D,ZAMPY (owned by Landis + Gyr)
DLandis + Gyr
FSiemens Metering Ltd (Also FML, Ferranti)
HSecure Controls
JJinling (Shanghai Electricity)
LLandis + Gyr
MGeneral Electric
P(PRI) Polymeters Response International
SActaris/Schlumberger (owned by Itron)

Where do I find my meter serial number?

There are a couple of locations that will tell you your MSN. Firstly, try checking any of your billing paperwork from your energy supplier. This can be either using your online platform (if your supplier has one) or any paper invoices they have sent to you. Try to navigate towards a section titled “Meter Readings” or something similar. It is likely that your MSN will be located here – although likely in the small-print somewhere.

If you do not have access to a previous bill, then don’t worry – there are other ways to find your MSN. If you are looking for your MSN for an electricity meter, then it will be located either above or below the barcode on the front-panel of the meter itself. It is usually quite easily located. For gas customers looking to find their MSN, it should be in a similar position. Although it is worth noting that usually gas MSN are a little bit longer, so bare this in mind when searching.

If you absolutely cannot find your MSN, and don’t know what to do – we recommend calling your energy supplier. More often than not, they are well situated to assist in any queries or problems you face.

Why do I need to know my meter serial number?

For customers who do not think they are being billed the correct amount it is a useful diagnostic tool in troubleshooting the problem. Your MSN should be the same on your billing correspondence as it is on your meter. If it isn’t – then it is likely that you are paying for a property nearby.

If your MSN matches between both your billing and meter itself, then it is unlikely you are paying for the wrong property and the problem likely lies elsewhere. When moving house and energy suppliers change hands, it is a common time for mix-ups to happen. Ensure you have your MSN ready and written down somewhere.

Meter serial numbers are particularly useful for finding your MPRN and MPAN numbers if they cannot be located. If you’re not able to provide either numbers, then you can submit your MSN to help your supplier locate your property.

Over time, some properties may have changed their registered address. This means that some homes on the National Energy Database may have the wrong MSN assigned to a particular property or meter. This is an unfortunate occurrence that does only happen rarely. When it does happen though, it will often lead to paying the incorrect amount, and stretching out the time needed to swap suppliers.

If you are looking at upgrading or replacing your meter, you should absolutely take the time to note down your MSN before any work is completed. As the MSN is directly related to your meter, you will no longer have quick and easy access to your old MSN once work has been completed.

Common Questions

How do I find my meter serial number?

Try check your latest billing invoice, it will be within a location named “Meter Readings” or something similar. Alternatively, you can read it off of the front of your meter itself. Both gas and electricity meters will have this information printed on the front of the meter panel.

Is meter number the same as a serial number?

Yes. In the energy industry, often things are referred to in different ways and often phrases will begin to overlap and take-on a double meaning. If someone asks for your meter number, or meter serial number – they are asking for the same thing.

How long is a meter serial number?

It ranges dependant on type of meter. For electricity it is commonly between 9 and 11 and gas is usually slightly longer.