Scottish Power – Contract Renewal’s Supplier Guide 2021

About ScottishPower

ScottishPower is one of the most popular energy suppliers in the UK. They are part of the ‘big six’ energy companies and supply electricity and gas to over 5 millions customers. ScottishPower is also part of the Iberdrola Group, a global leader in wind energy and one of the worlds largest energy companies. The Iberdrola Group has over 40 wind farms across the UK, producing over 2,500MW. 

ScottishPower has a huge emphasis on green, renewable energy. They were the first energy company to generate 100% green electricity in the UK. With the closure of their gas and coal plants, many customers are benefiting from clean energy with the hopes of a brighter future. 

ScottishPower also supports Cancer Research UK. In 2012, ScottishPower committed to the fight against cancer, by raising over £30m to Cancer Research UK. ScottishPower has also pledged to eradicate modern slavery, as in 2015 a statement released by CEO Keith Anderson showed their concerns for the cause. 


Back in 2006, Spanish Energy company Iberdrola purchased ScottishPower. Iberdrola. This made them the third-largest energy company at the time.

ScottishPower Prices and Tariffs

ScottishPower offers several different choices in regards to plans and tariffs. This includes the following:

Fixed-rate tariffs

ScottishPower offers four fixed-rate tariffs. This is suitable for you if you’re looking for a price that will remain the same for the duration of your contract. Two of the fixed-rate tariffs are fixed over one year and the other two tariffs are fixed for two years.

Variable-rate tariffs

Called Standard, for this tariff if the price of energy increases or decreased in the energy wholesale market, your bills will follow. This means the price may fluctuate throughout the term of your contract, however you may avoid exit fees if you choose to change suppliers.


For prepayment, you will have a prepayment meter. This means you pay for your energy via credit in advance before the energy is consumed. This will be set on a Standard variable-rate tariff.

Business tariffs

ScottishPower can offer some of the best rates in the UK for businesses. They have their own specialised Business Energy Team and can get expert advice from The Carbon Trust through their partnership. 

There are separate plans for commercial companies and smaller businesses:

Commercial CompanySmall Business
If you’re working as part of a larger chain of companies, this will be better value for money. Also, if your premises includes an industrial site, this suits you.You have the option of 2 fixed-rate tariffs for contracts up to 3 years, along with one variable-rate tariff.

SmartPower EV

Owning an electric vehicle, you can save plenty of money with ScottishPower with the SmartPower EV Tariff. ScottishPower claims their tariff is 90% cheaper than the charging stations at petrol stations. Being able to charge your EV overnight, rather than paying at a petrol station would be a big benefit. TheSmartPower EV tariff uses the classic Economy 7 formula. The key points are:

  • Discounted electricity unit rate: 4.736p/KWh
  • Off-Peak hours: From 12:00 am (midnight) to 5:00 am.

Below are the current plans that ScottishPower offers, these are subject to change.

Plan nameTariff typePrice
Help Beat Cancer Fix and Save February 2023 v2Fixed until 28 Feb 2023£1138
Help Beat Cancer Fix and Save February 2023 v2 OnlineFixed until 28 Feb 2023£1138
Help Beat Cancer Fixed Saver February 2023 v2Fixed until 28 Feb 2023£1126
Help Beat Cancer Fixed Saver February 2023 v2 OnlineFixed until 28 Feb 2023£1126
Online Fix and Save February 2022 v2Fixed until 28 Feb 2022£1102
Online Fixed Saver February 2022 v2Fixed until 28 Feb 2022£1090
Standard OnlineVariable£1042
Super Saver February 2022 B1Fixed until 28 Feb 2022£1016
Super Saver January 2022 B3Fixed until 31 Jan 2022£964

Green performance

As part of the Iberdrola Group, ScottishPower produces 100% green electricity. Iberdrola is currently the leading producer of wind energy and more recently invested in clean energy, selling off their coal power stations. Also, ScottishPower recently invested in producing and selling low-carbon hydrogen, with aims of producing 5GW of low carbon hydrogen by 2030.

Environmental Impact
CO 2 Emissions0g per kWh326g per kWh264g per kWh198g per kWh
High Level Radioactive Waste0g per kWh0.0005g per kWh0.0004g per kWh0.007g per kWh

Supply Source

For the UK, all energy suppliers use a variety of mixes for their energy sources when generating electricity. It is a legal obligation for energy suppliers to disclose this information, including their mixes of fuel sources.


During the 2019 uSwitch awards, ScottishPower came out on top in four different categories:

Best Deal for You Large Supplier Winner

Best Green Services Large Supplier Winner

Best Account Management Large Supplier Winner

Best Value For Money Large Supplier Winner

Key Financial Data

In 2020, Scottish Power had a market share of 9.11% in comparison to other competitors. Revenue however has risen from 2018 to 2019, with a 2.6% increase. Operating profits have decreased however, down 12%. You can also see a 46% increase in capital investment from 2018 to 2019.

 RevenueOperating ProfitCapital Investment
Financial Key Performance Indicators2019 (£m)2018 (£m)2019 (£m)2018 (£m)2019 (£m)2018 (£m)
Scottish Power5.124.54.995.4822.5938.21660.91132.8

Cancellation policy

ScottishPower allows a free cooling-off period if you wish to change your mind and wish to cancel your domestic contract. You are given 14 days once you’ve signed up to notify ScottishPower of your desire to cancel the contract. This does not apply to commercial contracts.

However, some tariffs do have exit fees, so be careful and double-check the terms and conditions before you end your contract and switch. Also, be mindful to check your bills before cancelling, this ensures you don’t have any outstanding balances before cancellation. 


Trustpilot, a website created to allow customers to rate their experiences with companies, has ScottishPower listed as a 3.6/5. 45% of the reviews were rated excellent, the highest rating possible.

ScottishPower has however shown huge improvements in their customer service. In a recent Which? survey, ScottishPower was awarded great marks for its complaint response turnaround time. ScottishPower on average resolve 59% of all complaints on the same day and over 5 working days will resolve 76% of complaints.

This year, ScottishPower ranked 8th fastest to answer the phone from customers, keeping you waiting for only 2 minutes 28 seconds on average. 


For ease of use, ScottishPower has a free app to help you keep track of your account. You can also check your account via an online web account or over the phone. The YourEnergyApp is available on the App Store and Google Play Store and allows you to do the following: 

  • Switch between tariffs
  • Check bills
  • Upload meter readings
  • Manage direct debit payments
  • Contact customer service via app-chat
  • Manage account details
  • View energy usage

Scottish Power Contacts

There are different ways to contact ScottishPower, below we’ve listed both the standard contacts, plus their different social media contacts.

Phone number (customer service)0800 027 0072
Scottish Power head officeScottish Power Customer Services, 320 St Vincent Street, Glasgow, G2 5AD

What Will I See On My ScottishPower Energy Bill?

You can view your bills on the YourEnergyApp or via email/post. On the bill, you will be notified of the following:

  • How much you owe the date for payment
  • Your estimated energy usage
  • The billing period (typically monthly)
  • Breakdown of usage – both electricity and gas
  • Discounts applied
  • Previous payments
  • Current balance

How Have ScottishPower Prices Changed During 2020

Back in August 2020, ScottishPower reduced the average price of their standard variable tariff by 7%. In line with the revised energy price cap, the average cost of their standard variable tariff was reduced by £84 per year for ScottishPower Customers.

In Recent News

In December 2020, ScottishPower took 74,000 new customers after Yorkshire Energy stopped trading. ScottishPower also set up their new division to produce ‘green’ hydrogen. In November 2020 ScottishPower unveiled their plans to almost double their renewable generation. ScottishPower announced their intent to build new solar and wind power infrastructures.